Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Domestic and International Shipping from US - with song "Jerusalem"

This blog is more for me to have this information down somewhere, where I'll find it.  But I thought maybe someone else might benefit from it.

I recently changed domestic shipping rates for my Etsy shop to accommodate the higher price at the post office.

Loretta at Etsy shop ThoughtfulGemsCrafts

Now I find that the rate is much lower with the same services at Paypal, so I am adjusting them again.  The same package shipped USPS Delivery Confirmation from the post office costing me $2.80 can be shipped for $1.81, USPS Delivery Confirmation by going through Paypal.  I do not understand this.  I did a little research on the Internet and can find no explanation for such a large discrepancy.

You can bet I will be using Paypal for domestic shipping. 

For international shipping, I could only find rates from $16-30, no matter how light the package until a friend told me to go down to the obscure bottom of the International Services options page and select First Class.  Voila!  I reinstated international shipping in my Etsy shop!!

I would never have seen this option without a good friend's help.  Thanks, Jan!!

Modern Beach Vessel Lichen Moss Terrarium
Lisa Jones of Etsy shop TinyTerrains

How I calculate International Rate:  Go to https://www.usps.com/ship/first-class-international.htm.  Choose 'calculate shipping' (don't bother with the above list).  Choose a destination (any destination, do this several times to get a good feel for how much to charge).  Choose 'package' and put in 3 oz. for jewelry.  Go down and select 'First Class Mail International Options' which will give the Post Office price.

I am newer at the Paypal process.  I know to select shipping label. When I get to the part where it looks like I have to buy Signature Confirmation to get Delivery Confirmation, I ignore that and go on (this had always stopped me before).  Delivery Confirmation is automatically given on First Class shipping choice from Paypal.

FREE SHIPPING 15 Ft 28g 14K Gold Filled  Round Wire DS(.98/Ft Includes shipping and Insurance)
H. Schmidt and Son, New Orleans, Etsy shop 208GOLD

Happy shipping!!!

P.S.  I'd love to hear about anyone else's advice about shipping. I haven't had any experience with other options, such as Stamps.com or Priority Mail. So far USPS has been less expensive than UPS or Fed Ex.

For those outside the U.S. who have waded through this blog to this point, I add this website.  It contains the song, "Jerusalem", as sung by the congregation at the Royal Wedding last year.  I ran across it today while looking through my Favorites for something else.  It thrilled me when I heard it live at whatever hour in the morning I watched it on April 29, 2011, although I had not heard the song before.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yIWBO_7nio  I still think it is fabulously beautiful!


  1. Shipping is the one thing that I find incredibly hard in my Etsy shop. I never want to charge what it actually costs to ship heavy candles. However, I am learning and keep increasing the shipping....sadly.

  2. I have been using PayPal since the beginning and print all my labels at home...so much easier. I have been struggling though with International shipping because I was using First Class until an item got lost on it's way to Australia. First Class International does not come with any tracking or insurance. Since January I have called every agency connected with USPS to find this package and it is forever lost. I then only quoted buyers International Priority which they never went for...too expensive. I lost at least 6 sales. Today I found a link about using a 3rd party insurance company to insure those First Class International packages. I already got one order from letting the buyer know how much cheaper it is! If I understand correctly, it is only $1.50 to insure an item up to $100. I am using it for the first time on this recent order and I can let you know how it goes! Here is the link to read about the insurance....https://www.shipsurance.com/coverage_order_start.asp

    1. Thank you, AnnMarie!! I'll check that insurance out. How sad about the lost package and sadder about the lost sales. Some of my things could be made again, unlike items in your vintage store. But people probably would not want to pay the priority. My friend Jan shipped internationally all the time without any problem - she made and sold canvas bags. Very interesting - I'm so pleased you shared. Thanks, again.

  3. Yeah international shipping can be tricky. Thanks for sharing this information I will look into this insurance. Thankfully most of my sales are within the U.S.

  4. I've used international first class for 5 years now and not one package has gotten lost. Paypal is so easy to use, I have no idea why it is cheaper than buying the same postage at the post office. strange.

  5. I have found the same thing--Paypal is cheaper than walking into the post office!

  6. I've never used the paypal shipping -- I'll have to look into that. I always take them to the post office.

  7. it still gives me goosebumps to see the Royal Wedding. Beautiful song.

    I do not use paypal shipping and just depend on my local Post Office.

    Now I see Paypal is cheaper? Hmmmmm.


  8. Hello Luella,
    I use PayPal, too! Love it. I don't leave my home for shipping unless it is an international shipping order. However, on ebay, you can ship internationally through Paypal, but not on etsy through Paypal(not first class international, anyway). By the way, you are the winner of the coaster giveaway! Let me know where I should ship your gift. My business email is prayernotesbycynthia@gmail.com. Blessings!

    1. Yeah! Cynthia, thank you! I'll be right over.