Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Outtakes

In the process of creating last weeks blog, I found some lovely shabby chic Etsy shops that I like so much I have put them in my favorites so I can remember to visit them again and again.  (This is not to establish me as a exclusive shabby chic fan - I have never been able to settle on a particular style.)

They reminded me of some of the outtakes of my jewelry, pictures that have not made it into my shop because they seemed a little busy and distracted from the piece. I wanted to share some of my favorites here:

I got my banner from this one!

Lovely dried roses in a corsage I have saved from my friend Judy's son's wedding - in 1995!!  She passed away the following year - after a 5-year battle with breast cancer.

Wow!  This fabric is one of my sister Elaine's skirts - I was visiting her when I took the photo.

I love the fabric here.  It is one I plan to make gift bags with.

Again, taken in my sister's home, this is the surface of a side table she has in one of her guest rooms.

One of my favorites, I love the justaposition of vase and hare - he holds my bracelet so nobly!!

Hyacinths were in bloom when I took a picture of my daffodil yellow and gray bracelet.

Wow!  What was I thinking.  Really busy picture, making appearances are:  my favorite vase, doily I made years ago and a stuffed angel's wing covered with chenille sitting on top of a framed dictionary art page.

Love the feeling of copper color crystals and clear glass compote with ecru macrame purse on my handmade doily. 

Another photo from my sister's home, my Swarovski Indian Red bicone and black bracelet is nearly strong enough to hold up against the carved base of one of her lamps.

Daffodil yellow and gray bracelet goes on another adventure, this time on the surface of one of my mother's quilts made with 1-inch squares.


  1. I'm glad you shared these. Even though they may not have allowed your items to be the star they are beautiful photos in their own right.

  2. Really pretty photos! I often regret not being able to be more creative in my backgrounds for pictures of my items. I have a huge old house with lots of great backgrounds for vintage things but I choose to stay with white for my photos for the items sake.....and for sales! It's nice that you have those pictures though because they are great and showcase your pretty items so nice.

  3. mmm I can almost smell that hyacinth!

  4. Some *may* be busy, but I like these pictures... they look very well done! You have an interesting eye :)

  5. Wow! Your designs are gorgeous!! I think the second to the last photo (red bicone and black bracelet) looks fantastic with that prop! :)))

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments. It was fun to share my discards.

  7. I had fun looking at your beautiful photos.


  8. The jewelry is very pretty! You have great taste.

  9. Photo shoots sure are an adventure.........