Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grocery Store Encounter

It was a day when I realized I was going to have to bite the bullet and go across town.  Grocery shopping is something I like to do close to home but on this side of the river (traffic on the bridge!) there are no good value stores.

I had been to this store once before but I'll try not to make that an excuse.  The first aisle was like a tunnel funneling me right into the produce section.  I slowly pushed my cart  through looking at the prices which made me ashamed I had spent years spending so much. 

Near the tomatoes, I stopped my cart, grabbed a produce bag and started walking up the aisle to see what looked best when I saw a man, perhaps in his 60's with remaining touches of the hippie generation, heading toward my unmanned cart.  Whoa!  He's going to collide - can't he see?  And WHAM my cart he did - very hard and very deliberately. At this point I didn't know who had left the cart there :) and continued studiously with my tomato shopping.  I did notice a woman following him, knowing she probably had caught the guilty party if he had not.

Giving them time to leave the area, continuing slowly, now with my cart, I shopped.  In the many aisles butting up against the produce section I kept seeing this man and woman racing up and down.  My first chapter in my imagined story was that she must be his daughter, perhaps 20-22 years of age or so, on college break, visiting her very intense father for a few days. 

Then they whizzed by me again in the produce section - I forced myself to look at her and she acknowledged me but not ready to engage, I quickly averted my attention elsewhere.

So I finished in the produce and started the aisle shopping.  Wow!  I couldn't figure out how many times they needed to visit the same aisles.  The young woman seemed very good natured and followed him with a smile.  As they passed me again, I deliberately gave her a smile.  She stopped and said, "I really like your hair - the way it goes . . ." as she made a softly curving motion with her arm.  They continued.

The imagination continued the story:  Not only was she beautiful outside but inside as well.  Me, still feeling sensitive about the incident, saw how very gracious she was - to reinstate me in a very deliberate way and let me know she had seen the whole thing.  It was a very sweet revelation.

So the saga continued - a couple smiles from a distance - but we never passed close again.  My last glimpse of them was in the meat section.

Generally speaking, I don't do a lot of antagonizing in the grocery so can't say I'm not used to kindness, but in this embarrassing situation, this woman made a real pleasant trip of it.  It was one of those moments when I was glad I'd made a connection.  I pray God bless her and her father (he's her father from my story anyway) with the best of times together.


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  1. A trip to the grocery store is always an adventure.

  2. What dynamics there are in the grocery store! Huge and moral decisions sometimes have to be made....I know, I have been there! Love your post!

  3. wow! just goes to show that adventures can happen just about anywhere :)

  4. Wow, that is very unusual to have such a rude person to do that on purpose. Hopefully the next time at this grocery store will be uneventful.

  5. I looooove visiting the supermarket to buy my groceries. Usually I have my eleven year old sidekick to push the trolley. We've never had our trolley rammed like that, but the kid did ankle tap me once with the trolley - that brought tears to my eyes!