Monday, June 24, 2013

Sisters Travel to Yellowstone

A happy circumstance in my life is a family cabin near West Yellowstone, one of the entrances to Yellowstone National Park.  My husband's and my first trip there was in 1989, a year after the devastating fire that burned a reported 793,880 acres, a third of the park being affected.

In the many many trips there in intervening years we have seen this lovely park at many times of the year and seen many sites in outlying places in the area.  We have brought many guests to join us.

The trip this year was notable because it was with two of my sisters.  They have come with me and my husband once each before but never the three of us together.

Some of my favorite pictures from this wonderful time:

An evening walk with Elaine from the cabin to Lake Hebgen
Renee and Elaine - Firehole River

On our way at one of the major Geyser sites . . .

One of the luscious Midway Geyser sites - love that pale turquoise often with bright rust orange trim!

Hit the play button here if you would like to see what we saw at Old Faithful.

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt . . .

The oldest lodge at Old Faithful, love the windows and siding.

Morning Glory pool . . . well worth the mile and quarter walk from Old Faithful.

View out the front of the cabin - Lake Hegben in the distance - only quarter mile actually.

Beautiful background for two beautiful sisters!!

at the Paint Pots

Sweet  . . . !
Did you say Rocky Mountains!?!   On the road to Mammoth Hot Springs.

Mammoth Hot Springs with its lovely backdrop.

Glorious shot looking down on Upper Falls of Yellowstone River.

Love the perspective the trees give this shot, the white is not snow but rock.
Osprey, female at nest, male came in landed and quickly took off again, - don't miss the fish he is carrying.
Lower falls of the Yellowstone River are as magnificent as ever.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Soft Vintage Green Pearls

A lovely tint of soft green attracted me to these vintage pearls.  They were sitting in the compartment of a prior beader's stash.  She wanted me to have them - her hands given way to the way of the years.

My first thought was a strand.

But as I looked at my stash, green is my favorite color and many options opened for duo combinations and so began my Vintage Green Series of earrings:

PEARL with Fern Green Swarovki bicone - a bright punch of green for a fine Spring or Christmas morning.

PEARL with a beautiful mottled transparent green faceted round bead - a look into the beginning of aquatic life or a muddled Mojito!

. . . joined with a muddle in 3-D diamond (bicone) form, PEARL brings soft roundness.
My recent favorite vintage finds - together!  Love the bumpy brown surface, although somewhat marred by time with the soft PEARL- reminds me of melting late snow clinging to spring moss on a fallen fir branch.  Beautiful!


PEARL with Swarovski Black Diamonds, swinging on Post or Earwires, ready for a good time.  Neutrals joining in a happy duo!
    . . . finding a pearl of great price . . .
Mathew 13:46