Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Other Side or Winter's Last Gasp

church bleak winter black and white landscape photograph - fine art photography, cold, haunted, spooky, fog - 10x8
Laura Evans of levansphotography

It is rainy and bleak here in western Oregon.

This week's weather map shows today's jetstream as a perpendicular line across the entire United States.
World Map Showing Distribution Of Rainfall 1896 Victorian Antique Copper Engraved Map to Frame

with 'our' side having cooler than normal temperatures

This way to the Beach ... 8x10 Print
AmyLucidJewelryand Photo
and the 'other' side with warmer than normal temperatures.

We westers are reverting to button-up collars and hanging onto umbrellas against rainful elements pushing in from the Arctic.

While ye easters are advancing into sudden summer-like weather  - seeking out sandals and fans, dialing down the air conditioner.

Melting Face Pug - blank greeting card with dog - Could someone please turn on the air conditioning - my face is melting
Laura Bauer of AlphaSoupPhotography

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shopping Salem

Salem, Oregon that is!!  As of this moment in time there is 40,592 Etsy sale items tagged "CASTTeam".  Wow!  190 of these items are from 5 local shops here in Salem, Oregon, less than 1/2 of 1%.  Among us we cover a wide spectrum of handmade.

Chris Freeberg of PicketFenceFabric "dreams about fabric" and it shows in her quilted items.  Her beautiful choices are evidence enough.  Here are 2  samples of her work.


Heidi of HeromasHands elaborate knitting skill is evident in everything she does.  This year she is participating in Scarves for the Special Olympics 2012; her goal is to donate 12.



Jennifer Kistler of JKistlerStudios is a first rate metal jewelry artist. She is also a dressage enthusiast and her love of horses is evident in much of her work. Craftsmanship and attention to detail sets Jennifer apart in this competitive field:



Rachel of RADexpressions is a Western Oregon University art student with emphasis in painting.  She fills out the color spectrum with buttons employed in earrings, magnets and embellishing bobby pins/hair slides.



My shop, elsielight, shows what I love to do:  take beads of every material, size and color, and weave them into beautiful bracelets.  Here are two bridal bracelets I have made.

Thank you for shopping with me in Salem Etsy CASTTeam shops.  We are part of online Etsy shops who belong to the Christian Artists Street Team.  http://www.etsy.com/teams/6326/christian-artists-street-team-cast

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Early Bloomers

taken March 1, 2012
2012 March in the Mid-Willamette Valley has more than lived up to its reputation.  Came in with snow, which is fairly rare here any time of the year.  Then 60 degrees, now snow this morning and it's to be 60 degrees again by the end of this week.  Tonight it supposed to get down to 27 degrees, another fairly unusual low even for the dead of winter, tomorrow night 30 degrees.

Tiny baby bell pink fuschia,
a herbaceous perennial
taken March 6, 2012
In most of my herbaceous perennials, pruning should take place before the life starts flowing up the stems.  This year, it hasn't been done.  The snow has melted and the sweet green tips that are holding their heads to the sun today will have no protection against tonight's predicted subzero  temperature.  The shears will soon find them gone; I hope the cold causes their sap to return to their roots and damage will not be too severe.

taken March 6, 2012
taken March 6, 2012
only 6-8 inches tall, taken March 6, 2012

For my sweet early bloomers this is what they were created for - the unpredictable temperatures of March.  The crocus, sweet little snow drops and miniature daffodils will brave the stiffness of the cold night and come back waving in the predicted warm late winter winds.

taken March 6, 2012
Indoors, the east facing plant window comes to life with palest pink and salmon colored crab cacti and African violets.

taken March 6, 2012


This is reminding me of God's ministry of love and care for His children:  beauty in strength for those who are able to weather winter's storms, controlled environment for those in need of constant care and protection, and expert pruning for those ready to bring new fruit in the height and heat of the coming harvest season.

taken March 6, 2012

"Do not awaken love before its time."  paraphrase of Song of Solomon 8:4b