Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the Pink

I'm working hard to regain momentum with my jewelry making.  Keeping home, yard and farm chores together with the absence of my husband's able bodied help has truly been much more time consuming than I thought.  He is not 100% yet,  about 70% of the way back.  If you are in one of my Etsy Teams or a follower of my Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you'll should be noticing a great deal more traffic in the days to come

I've finished three new projects.  Although different from each other, they are all three in the pink range.

When I finished my Nautical Peyote Charm Bracelet, I promised myself I would make some of the elements in it into separate charms.  My first charm is finished and for sale - the crab.  I am quite happy with the result.  The legs are independent of one another yet maintain their positions.  My biggest hurdle was to figure out where to put the sterling silver closed jumpring.  Included is an silver bail which may be exchanged for a silver jumpring, both large enough to accommodate a fairly substantial chain. 

Secondly, I finished another peyote v-necklace.  I have to laugh because the delica beads I chose for this necklace are called "Light Topaz/Soft Rose" and in the tube they look dark rose with a slight cinnabar or rust tone.   But the necklace turned out decidedly pink and has a lighter peachy pink accent bead running up the borders.  Beads when they are strung can look so different from what they look like in a container - which can sometimes result in a not so happy surprise for a mono-color project.  Although this is different from what I expected, I think it turned out quite nicely.  It looks great with everything in the neutral and pink peach range.  I also like the way it looks with the lavender/peach/ tan/terracotta scarf I chose to pair it with in photos.  Elegant don't you think.

My third is the first of a new jewelry line I am starting for my elsielight online store.  I needed to learn how to knot pearls in order to fulfill one of my special order requests.  So I took a class and made myself two knotted pearl necklaces.  Then decided it would be great fun to do a few for the shop and see how they go.  This first one is made with 8mm champagne glass pearls.  I made very traditional style two pearl dangle earrings to go with.

I plan to make several more, using freshwater as well and glass pearls - it will be a lot of fun to add this new section to my online shop and make them for family and friends!!

Thank you for looking!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Busy Outtakes

In the process of creating last weeks blog, I found some lovely shabby chic Etsy shops that I like so much I have put them in my favorites so I can remember to visit them again and again.  (This is not to establish me as a exclusive shabby chic fan - I have never been able to settle on a particular style.)

They reminded me of some of the outtakes of my jewelry, pictures that have not made it into my shop because they seemed a little busy and distracted from the piece. I wanted to share some of my favorites here:

I got my banner from this one!

Lovely dried roses in a corsage I have saved from my friend Judy's son's wedding - in 1995!!  She passed away the following year - after a 5-year battle with breast cancer.

Wow!  This fabric is one of my sister Elaine's skirts - I was visiting her when I took the photo.

I love the fabric here.  It is one I plan to make gift bags with.

Again, taken in my sister's home, this is the surface of a side table she has in one of her guest rooms.

One of my favorites, I love the justaposition of vase and hare - he holds my bracelet so nobly!!

Hyacinths were in bloom when I took a picture of my daffodil yellow and gray bracelet.

Wow!  What was I thinking.  Really busy picture, making appearances are:  my favorite vase, doily I made years ago and a stuffed angel's wing covered with chenille sitting on top of a framed dictionary art page.

Love the feeling of copper color crystals and clear glass compote with ecru macrame purse on my handmade doily. 

Another photo from my sister's home, my Swarovski Indian Red bicone and black bracelet is nearly strong enough to hold up against the carved base of one of her lamps.

Daffodil yellow and gray bracelet goes on another adventure, this time on the surface of one of my mother's quilts made with 1-inch squares.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Art of Visiting

My husband had successful hip replacement surgery three weeks ago.  So many lovely people visited him in the hospital and have come to our home. Their outpouring of love and support was a wonderful for us!  He is doing very well.

Brookie Biglands' Etsy shop BCB Puzzles

This short change in lifestyle started me thinking about how the meaning of visiting has changed in my lifetime.  It doesn't mean someone just coming over for a limited sitdown conversations - unless it is to visit a person who is homebound or in recovery.

Diane Barry Visiting Jacket
Marlene Schuler's Etsy Shop WillowsWorks

These days, the word visiting very often means having family or friends from long distance come for a few days.  The more I got to thinking about it, my current idea of visiting is associated with 'going out for coffee', or combined with 'going shopping', or  'going for a jog' together, or having a 'playdate' for the young.

Etsy Shop 2ChicksAndABasket

 To 'come over for a few minutes' kind of visiting seems to be associated with a more genteel time - a time when there was nothing electronic to fill up leisure hours and watching the kids chase fireflies from the front porch was the entertainment and backdrop to conversation.

Valerie Bean's Etsy shop ValDraws

 I also wondered how it might have been when one 'came to call' or 'to tea', activities associated with the mid to late afternoon and evening.  In one way I think a revival of something like this would be wonderful - in another, I think I would need to plan my time a lot better!

Etsy Shop luvcrystals

As I mused on these things, I put the word 'visiting' into the Etsy search and came up with the lovely finds you see on this post.

Michele Johnson's Etsy Shop mljart

May your 'visits' be for all the right reasons, at just the right time, in the best tradition of our time!

Many thanks to those who have had us in their thoughts and prayers.  We felt them in very specific ways through the days of Chuck's surgery and recovery.  He continues to make steady and quick progress.

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