Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Other Side or Winter's Last Gasp

church bleak winter black and white landscape photograph - fine art photography, cold, haunted, spooky, fog - 10x8
Laura Evans of levansphotography

It is rainy and bleak here in western Oregon.

This week's weather map shows today's jetstream as a perpendicular line across the entire United States.
World Map Showing Distribution Of Rainfall 1896 Victorian Antique Copper Engraved Map to Frame

with 'our' side having cooler than normal temperatures

This way to the Beach ... 8x10 Print
AmyLucidJewelryand Photo
and the 'other' side with warmer than normal temperatures.

We westers are reverting to button-up collars and hanging onto umbrellas against rainful elements pushing in from the Arctic.

While ye easters are advancing into sudden summer-like weather  - seeking out sandals and fans, dialing down the air conditioner.

Melting Face Pug - blank greeting card with dog - Could someone please turn on the air conditioning - my face is melting
Laura Bauer of AlphaSoupPhotography


  1. Awe that is so cute! Over here in NZ we are having a wet and windy autumn, so I can sympathize with you westers :)

  2. Hi, I hope you don't blow away!
    Where is your photo at the top of the blog taken? It is kinda spooky...but I like it.

  3. You are very clever! I am sorry for your yucky weather! It is weird here with the nice weather....my forsythia is blooming in March! We are getting cold this weekend though....

  4. Such a neat post! I feel like that dog....I can't handle anything over 70 degrees lol:)

  5. Great post!! the weather is crazy this year! Earliest spring I can remember. So many of our spring flowers are finished.

  6. I am in the middle and have enjoyed the early Spring we've had! In MN, we usually are getting dumped on with snow in March. Now it has been up to 70 degrees. Nice. Hopefully Spring finds you soon!

  7. It's amazing how different the weather can be in different places. It's lovely and sunny here in England today. Blessings Niki x

  8. Thanks so much for everyone's kind comments.

    bananaorangeapple: Photo at the top of my blog was taken end of January this year when my husband and I were traveling back from eastern Washington. It is one of my favorite scenes on earth - the mighty Columbia River rounding a bend just before you cross over the Oregon border. The lonely structures you see are grain elevators, which house grain brought in by train, holding it until barges carry it down river. A freight train appears on the other side of the river.

  9. We seem to have skipped spring and gone right into summer. It's wonderful!

  10. Our weather was great today! Tomorrow we are suppose to break records for temps in spring in New England.

  11. At my home today, March 21, it has snowed all day. No sticking except to the bushes - BIG WET flakes. It is sticking tonight.

    Unheard of!!!

  12. What a funny post!! Thank you very much Luella for including our notebook!!

    Kisses xoxo

    Mariana and Paula

  13. Indeed, this weather certainly isn't "typical", but Ji'm not complaining! Great items chosen for this post!

  14. This weather is strange this year so far. We sure could use some of that rain on the east coast. I have heard that just before Easter we should be cooling down. Cute post!