Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Love NY

You probably are thinking that this blog is about New York or New York City. That would be the assumption I would make from a title like this.

One day recently I found this phrase on my 10 year old granddaughter's top and commented about it, asking her how she could love New York if she had never been there.  (She's been many places including internationally but never been to New York.)

Custom NY city poster, Custom New York city print, I love you, I love New York City, Valentine day 16x23 by OrangeOptimist
Juri Romanov of Orange Optimist

At which time. . .

she informed me that 'NY' didn't have to mean New York.  "Nana, NY could be anything that starts with NY!!

And . .

she continued by informing me about other things it could mean. 

We were making cookies and were at the standing-around-waiting-for-them-to-bake point, when this conversation started.  Anna is a list maker so after batting a few NY phrases around, she washed her hands, got out pencil and paper and started writing them all down.

The list is now on my 'this n' that' board.



NY List:

New York (but, of course)

New Years

Neat Yards

Neon Yellow

Night Yawns

No Yelling

Nifty Yo-yo's

Next Year

Nerdy Yarn

I Love NY Dog Painting (24X30cm)
Jeroen Teunen of blackspecs

Naughty Yorkies (she loves dogs - has an encyclopedia of dogs so heavy I can hardly lift it)

North Yellowstone (a favorite vacation spot)

Nine Yellowjackets

Nasty Yams (hum, I wonder what she could mean here :))

Nifty Yachts

Newfoundland Yelps

No Yes (love this)

Norwegian Youngsters (what can I say, she is an only child)

Native Youth

Nice Yacks (I think she meant Yaks, but I have had some pretty nice ones of this kind on the phone.)

BEACH BABES IV, an original oil painting, inspired by Martha's Vineyard scene
Judi Sunday of JudisArtwork


Nice You

Nutella Yearround

Natural Yards

Nascar Yesterday (daddy is a big fan)

Nothing Yucky


Original, quirky, and vibrant abstract paintings
Meghan Narayan of mnarayan Etsy shop

And there you have it!  Next time you think someone loves New York, they may secretly be checking out your yard or just love that big bright round yellow thing that sometimes appears in the daytime sky!!

Subway Art - City or State Custom Artwork New York 8 X 10 Matted
Nancy at DoodleGraphics

I added this item just for me. It's tagged 'New York City' and I think it is one of the the prettiest photos I have ever seen!

Gown Reflections Blank Greeting Card
Sue Anderson of MYSAVIOR

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  1. We love NY too: ) My husband is from there: )

  2. Love the list. Great mind she has :-)

  3. Wow, 10 years old! :)

    I believe my fave from the list would have to be "Night Yawns"... it just has a kind of "feel" to it. Ask her if I may write a poem and title it that, please?

    1. I'll ask her, Aloquin. In any case :), I want to see your poem!!

  4. What a creative mind - Love the lists - sounds like the makings of some great etsy treasuries!

    1. I never thought of that! What a great idea!

  5. So fun! :) I know a few 'naughty Yorkies,' and that picture you found is hilarious!

  6. SO CUTE!!! I love NY too! It is where I am from. I won't beable to be so narrow minded about what I love NY means anymore when I see it wherever I go!

  7. LOVE this post!! How creative! "no Yelling" had me laughing . .lol Hmmm what about Not Yet? ;) great post . .thanks for sharing!!!

  8. This is so creative, she has a very talented mind. This would make a great children's book.

    1. I love that idea! Someone talented in this area should do it!! 'inspired' or 'dedicated to Anna'. :)

  9. Hehe...I love how your granddaughter's mind works!! Lots of great NYs to love! And I agree about Sue's photo...it is beautiful!!

  10. Very cool!! I enjoyed this! :)

  11. Very inventive granddaughter - but you already know that. I love the SueA's picture too.

  12. Visiting by way of Cynthia's blog. I like that your granddaughter is an out of the box thinker.

  13. I totally loved this post - Thank you so so much!

    I love the imaginations of youth!