Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rice Waffles

I took a Nutrition class in college which started my interest in special dietary challenges, such as how a person without access to meat protein should gain complete protein, how a person allergic to eggs can achieve the same texture and taste with substitutes, what foods are safe to introduce/not introduce to a person who is suffering from starvation, etc.

Nearly 30 years ago I worked in the Washington State University Extension Office.  As such I worked as support for a team of State Extension Agents who were experts in everything from psychology and home canning to teaching women how to involve themselves in public policy. 

One of the publications from the Nutrition agent in this office was nearly 60 pages long and had all kinds of recipes for special dietary needs.  Somehow I gained a copy of this wonderful document made more special by the fact that it is typewritten. 

I have tried many of the unique recipes from this publication and my favorite is the one for rice waffles.  Unlike many other recipes I've tried using rice flour, these waffles are light and soft on the inside, crisp on the outside with a wonderful flavor.  Our whole family loves them!  And I have had many requests for this recipe from celiac friends.

The recipe has two steps.  It begins with a base that can be stored in the refrigerator - it does not specify how long this can be refrigerated but I have kept it for several months and it has not lost any of its flavor or integrity.

Here it is for your perusal.  I encourage you to try it for it does make yummy waffles!!

makes about 9 cups
(no gluten, wheat, optional no milk)
                    6 cups rice flour, sifted
                    3 tablespoons baking powder
                    1/4 cup sugar
                    3 teaspoons salt
                    3/4 cup margarine (milk-free)
                        (I use butter)
                    2 cups non-fat dry milk or soy milk powder
Stir together rice flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.  Cut in margarine until mixture looks like coarse cornmeal.  Stir in dry milk.  Store mix in tightly covered container in the refrigerator.  Stir mix before using.

When you are ready to make the waffles:

                    2 eggs
                    1 cup water
                    2 cups mix
Separate eggs and mix egg yolk and water together.  Stir in mix and allow mixture to stand 4-5 minutes.  Beat egg white until stiff.  Fold in rice flour mixture.  Bake in hot, well-seasoned (oiled) waffle iron.

SortaGreenButtons by Todd Smith

I often make the base as a gift and attach the instructions for the final phase on a pretty little tag on top of the airtight container.

PearCreekCottage by Jan McCorkle

The recipe has additional instructions in how to use the base for pancakes or biscuits but I did not find them to be nearly as delicious.

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Waffle buttons and canning jar labels/stickers are from two Castteam member shops.


  1. Very interesting post, and the waffles sound yummy! What a great gift...I love getting eatable type of gifts. :) I will have to find some rice flour and give them a try.

  2. Being Gluten free this will be great! Thank u!!

  3. great post!! My sister in law has issues with gluten so I am alwasy trying to come up with something new when she comes to visit. I will definitely put this on my list! and what a great idea for a gift as well!

  4. That is very interesting. Waffles are not so big in Australia. I mean, not many people make them.
    A friend of mine bought a penguin shaped waffle maker and makes penguin shaped waffles. I have been looking out for one but there is no sign of any!

  5. I eould love to make these for my little ones but Mom has warned me to stay away from rice as it is constipating... not sure if that's true.

  6. just a question--do you add the liquid mixture to ALL of the dry mixture or a portion of it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda:

      You would add the egg yolks and water mixtures to 2 cups of the mix and let it sit for 4-5 minutes before adding the beaten egg whites.

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe. There seems to be a lot of people these days allergic to gluten.

  8. Looks like a great recipe for those allergic to gluten.

  9. Louella, I love how you added the waffle buttons and canning jar labels to this post. All together lovely post.

  10. Luella - this sounds very good! I especially love how you linked back to the CAST blog thread.

  11. Sounds good. I am usually a little timid trying recipes with "new" ingredients but I trust if you say they are good, then they are! What a great gift idea and such pretty labels. What wonderful things you can find on Etsy!