Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tyler and Emily's Wedding

October 6 was a gorgeous warm autumn day in Pullman, Washington.  This was a very good thing when you're close to the 45th parallel and going to an outdoor wedding.

God truly blessed Tyler and my grand neice Emily on their wedding day.  Such fun for my husband and me because we got to stay with my younger sister who lives in Pullman for several nights.  And afterwards with my older sister in Pomeroy, Washington.  I love the wheatfields of home - they draw me like the ocean draws a sailor.

Here are some pictures from this lovely festive day:

The Venue

Colors were aubergine and lime

 My granddaughter walking in:


My brother's darling grandsons:

Bride on father's arm:


Husband and wife!!

Bride with my granddaughter Sarah, one of her five attendants:

My sister with granddaughter on right and her friend:

Learning how to salute from my sister who despaired of the rest of us.  This was a take-off from everyone looking into the sun at the bridal party during pictures after the ceremony.

Sarah and me:

Matron of honor - sister of the bride:


 . . . and mother of the newest member of our family in his daddy's arms (he wore a tux that day too  :)

First dance:

Aw!  the kiss!!  (see those lovely wheatfields in the background)

Cake, accompanied by - you guessed it - lots of cupcakes in three flavors:

Beautiful couple:

My sister with her first great grandchild!!!

Bride next day at the firehouse where the reception was held - she is an EMT and finishing college:

Congratulations Emmy and Ty! 

Wishing you God's Best in your marriage!!




  1. What gorgeous pictures! I so want to visit the other side of the world (the west coast - your hometown!) some day! It looks so beautiful there. Looks like it was a fun wedding.

    1. Thank you, AnnMarie. I think you would enjoy visiting - and if you ever get over here and get close to Salem, I would love to meet you.

  2. Beautifful, beautiful pictures... congratulations to the happy couple! That cake looks precious, but the grandkids even more so :) I have never seen wheatfields, but I can relate to the sailor being drawn to the ocean reference :) Thank you, Luella, for sharing this special day with us. May God bless the new couple always!

  3. what a gorgeous wedding!!! Love the colors:) Thank you for sharing with us and best of luck to the happy couple:)

  4. Beautiful wedding -- Outdoor weddings are so special. Loved loved loved the flowers and colors chosen - very pretty!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of the wedding. So glad the weather was great in Washington state that day. The baby in a tux is so adorable!

  6. How lovely! A beautiful photo of you and your granddaughter. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog, I some how missed it earlier. Blessings Niki x

  7. Wow what a great day in Pullman! I am in Vancouver, WA. Did you take those pics? Really beautiful!

    1. Julie:

      I did take these pictures! But I can't take all the credit as I have a great camera that seems to do all the adjusting for me. It has been such a beautiful summer and fall in the northwest as I'm sure you know. Thank you for the good words!