Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mustard Yellow/Aqua Blue Center Cut Bead Set

Etsy seller needthosebeads had these terrific beads with a semi-transparent aqua blue and mustard yellow color.  They looked slightly misshapen and were listed as 9mm.  This triggered my imagination for the collar necklace instructions which ask for 8mm.  I ordered enough for the 2/3 amount and began looking for suitable contrast beads.  That took many months!!

Finally, in McMinnville in the Jack of All Beads store, I found the pale yellow cultured freshwater pearls that are part of this set.  They were suitably misshapen - weren't quite as 'mustard' as I'd originally planned but went very well.

 The lovely Swarovski bicones were the next match and already in my stash.  Finding the right seedbead proved to be another hurdle but I also found them in my stash.

Close up shows the way this beautiful collar necklace comes together.  8mm beads or larger make this a very secure closure.

Matching bracelet is the pearls with a dangle made from the bicolor beads and a bicone.  Earrings are a mix of all three.  Findings on bracelet and earrings are gold plated brass.

Update:  The earrings shown on this post have been sold.  This matching single pearl pair (shown to the left) and the bracelet are sold in my shop:

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