Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Art of Visiting

My husband had successful hip replacement surgery three weeks ago.  So many lovely people visited him in the hospital and have come to our home. Their outpouring of love and support was a wonderful for us!  He is doing very well.

Brookie Biglands' Etsy shop BCB Puzzles

This short change in lifestyle started me thinking about how the meaning of visiting has changed in my lifetime.  It doesn't mean someone just coming over for a limited sitdown conversations - unless it is to visit a person who is homebound or in recovery.

Diane Barry Visiting Jacket
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These days, the word visiting very often means having family or friends from long distance come for a few days.  The more I got to thinking about it, my current idea of visiting is associated with 'going out for coffee', or combined with 'going shopping', or  'going for a jog' together, or having a 'playdate' for the young.

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 To 'come over for a few minutes' kind of visiting seems to be associated with a more genteel time - a time when there was nothing electronic to fill up leisure hours and watching the kids chase fireflies from the front porch was the entertainment and backdrop to conversation.

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 I also wondered how it might have been when one 'came to call' or 'to tea', activities associated with the mid to late afternoon and evening.  In one way I think a revival of something like this would be wonderful - in another, I think I would need to plan my time a lot better!

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As I mused on these things, I put the word 'visiting' into the Etsy search and came up with the lovely finds you see on this post.

Michele Johnson's Etsy Shop mljart

May your 'visits' be for all the right reasons, at just the right time, in the best tradition of our time!

Many thanks to those who have had us in their thoughts and prayers.  We felt them in very specific ways through the days of Chuck's surgery and recovery.  He continues to make steady and quick progress.

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  1. What a lovely blogpost.

    Noone ever comes to visit me because I live a long way out of town, and not on the way to anywhere! But I do make a habit of dropping in on people myself.

    I love the girl and the fireflies artwork the best.

  2. How beautiful! This post has motivated me to be more intentional about really visiting someone this week! Thank you!

  3. Beautiful finds! I agree visiting others is important. It's definitely something that I have overlooked.

  4. I love how you put pictures to your wonderful thoughts on visiting. Sometimes we are all too caught up in our own lives to visit those who need us most! You've inspired me!

  5. I am so glad to hear that your husband's surgery went well!! I will continue to pray for continued healing! I love your thoughts in this blog. YOu are so right. Like AnnMarie mentioned above, we often get so caught up in our own lives that we don't make the much needed time to just sit and visit with someone. I think the old art of just dropping by to visit your neighbor is becomming lost and it's definitley a time that needs to be "found" again. Thank you for the wonderful reminder:)

  6. That is so good to receive love, and support from family and friends coming to visit during your husband's recovery. Glad to hear he is doing well!

  7. Great finds! I'm glad your husband is doing well!

  8. Yes, times have changed. Today we have so many, many choices for amusement and, conversly, not much time to bake and keep a clean, neat house that would not be embarrassment by having friends drop in. Thank God for girlfriends to go out to lunch with.........

  9. Sweet post...It's always nice to find out in our times of sadness that everyone cares more than we realized.

  10. Visiting- it truly is a lost art. Thankfully I have a few wonderful neighbors that I can simply drop in on and have a beautiful time with them, but I know that there are many who do not.

    Oh, and thank you so much for featuring my jacket, it's very kind of you. :)

  11. Great blog post on a lost art. I hope your husband continues to grow stronger!